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PF Concept wearables product imaging
(semi) Automated recolouring of 1 original prototype
Developing a fresh identity for festival reunion concept. website
Website migration from non-steady Joomla to Wordpress. Solving issues between those CMS systems. Enhancing the control over content management for client via extra plug-ins, software demonstrations and solving hosting issues.
Edit Festival marketing strategy
Developing and creating marketing strategy towards potential sponsors. Simultaneously developing and creating strong identity towards audience.
Haerlemsch Finest Trailer, EDIT Festival 2016
Directing, shooting and editing of Haerlemsch Finest Trailer, EDIT Festival 2016.
MisterClipping (semi)automatic image processing
Analysing and enhancing efficiency for online retouche platform. Developing new (semi) automatic image editing tools.
yourGem corporate identity and marketing strategy
WORK IN PROGRESS Developing a strong but abstract identity for talented entrepreneur. Besides a strong visual identity, also developing a strong marketing strategy, tone of voice, and creating new tools to use in his trainings.
INDG CGI implementation
Implementing CGI rendered products in real life mood shots.
Philips icon development
Developing and designing feature icons for print and online, within the parameters of Philips Brand Guideline.
Philips Healthcare image catalogue management
Retouche, adding screen-fills and color alignment for Philips Healthcare image catalogue.
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